East Texas Army Couple Victimized By Brazen Meth Freaks

Just before 10 a.m. yesterday, Army wife Holly Burbank got a shocking phone call. No, thankfully, it had nothing to do with her husband Sam -- he is now safely back in Texas after a tour of duty in Iraq.

According to the Montgomery County Police Reporter, this call came from one of her relatives in Liberty County, where the couple live in peacetime, in a little house just south of Cleveland.

Seems this relative was driving down the road and noticed that all of the Burbanks' belongings -- clothes, furniture, even their photo albums -- had been trundled out to the front yard, which was full of strangers looking for bargains.

Yep, there was an unauthorized yard sale going on.

It seems the two squatters living there -- parolees Johnny Wayne Bell, 47, and Faylisa Danielle Bailey, 30 -- had decided to do a little redecorating, and the rightful owners' stuff was in the way. So they just decided to take it outside and sell it to passersby on Country Road North 328.

Or maybe they just wanted some more money for meth...

At any rate, the relative slammed on the brakes and confronted the couple, and after what was described as "a verbal altercation," drove off and called Burbank, who in turn called Liberty County police.

Several units from the Liberty County Sheriff's Office responded to the scene. While searching the home, they found hypodermic needles and what was described as a "sizable" quantity of crystal meth. After sending Bailey and Bell to jail, the deputies called out the Cleveland Fire Department, who, amid driving rain, helped the cops haul the Burbanks' soggy belongings back inside.

Bailey has a long arrest record, including multiple counts of theft, credit card fraud and forgery. She also has apparently lost custody of her two children.

"Im missing so much of my kids life," she posted on Facebook beneath a picture of the two last August. "im ready to have my family back together."

This is not the way to go about it, Faylisa.

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