Eat That, New York!

Slate had an article yesterday on Houston's own Sysco, the nation's largest food wholesaler, responsible for meals at Yankee Stadium, the Four Seasons, Applebee's and

Club Gitmo


You can check out the article here, or read the HouStoned CliffsNotes version after the jump, courtesy of MS Word's AutoSummarize function. — Keith Plocek

This top food supplier serves nearly 400,000 American eating establishments, from fast-food joints like Wendy's, to five-star eating establishments like Robert Redford's Tree Room Restaurant, to mom-and-pop diners like the Chatterbox Drive-In, to ethnic restaurants like Meskerem Ethiopian restaurant. Even Gitmo dishes out food from Sysco. It comes as little surprise that institutions like hospitals, universities, and military bases flock to Sysco's pre-cooked foods. Mickey Mantle's Restaurant, an upscale sports bar, serves Sysco's pre-made soups, like Manhattan clam chowder and vegetarian black bean. The company has a long history of championing frozen foods. Some obvious food trends have helped Sysco's rise to Wal-Mart-like dominance.

(And yes, we stole the AutoSummarize idea from Gawker. Or to put it more succinctly: Thanks, Gawker.)

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