Ed Emmett Says Harris Is "a County of Substance" with Some, Umm, Ethical Problems

Harris County Judge Ed Emmett gave his State of the County speech today and, as expected, he announced things were going pretty good.

He said the state of Harris County is "far better than most governmental entities" and that it remains a "County of Substance," in case you were wondering.

Not all is well, according to Emmett's office:

Emmett also acknowledged several high-profile scandals involving county officials in 2011, and told the gathering that the county "must find a way to prevent unethical behavior as much as possible and to establish clear channels for uncovering and reporting such behavior when it occurs."

Prevent unethical behavior "as much as possible"? That's not the Harris County we know and love.

"Our finances are tight and our needs, like our population, are growing," Emmett said. "But county leaders are committed to providing efficient, effective government. We are also committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of county residents."

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