Ed Reed Is a Texan! Raven Fans Sound Off

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"@TwentyER -hope the rumors are true! Would love working with U. #hurricanepower." -- Wade Phillips (@sonofbum) on Twitter Wednesday night

Last Thursday began with tweets from the Houston Texans team account touting that owner Bob McNair's private jet had just gone "wheels up!" to go retrieve free agent safety Ed Reed. It continued with articles on the Texans website about Reed's visit, and more Twitter updates seemingly every hour on the hour to keep us posted on Reed's whereabouts.

Thursday ended with Reed enjoying dinner and a night on the town with friends (Andre Johnson, Chris Myers), and Friday morning consisted of more meetings at Reliant. Unfortunately, when wheels went up Friday afternoon, there was no deal between Ed Reed and the Texans.

The weekend and early part of this week consisted of a lot of hand wringing and snarky jokes about Rick Smith and Gary Kubiak getting played by Reed. However, as it turns out, all's well that ends well.

As of Wednesday night, according to CBS' Jason La Canfora, the Texans and Reed had the framework of a deal in place. Rick Smith and Reed's agent, David Dunn, were still hammering out details as of late Wednesday night, according to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle.

Assuming the deal gets done, this is a highly critical signing for the Texans. From a purely football standpoint, the Texans were in dire need of safety help after Glover Quin took his talents to Detroit last week, inking a five year deal with the Lions. From a leadership standpoint, we're talking about a player in Reed that many of the Texans grew up idolizing, a future Hall of Famer and one of the most renowned locker room presences in the NFL.

Oftentimes, you can tell just how notable an acquisition you've made by the reaction of the fan base losing that player. Using Twitter as the referendum, it appears that virtually all of the Ravens fans are going to miss Ed Reed the player, most of the Raven fans wish him well, and a small slice of Raven Nation wants Ed Reed to go fuck himself.

It is that latter portion of their fan base whose thoughts I want to capture here. Keep in mind, the tweets below almost all came in within ten minutes of the news breaking, and they only represent a small sample space of those posted. In other words, there's a lot more where these came from. (Searching on "Ed Reed fuck" in Twitter will yield most of them.)

They came in many categories. First, there was the simple, efficient two word salute. There were roughly a hundred of these in the first five minutes after the news broke:

Then, retroactively changing history and morphing Ed Reed from a Hall of Famer into some slappy was the thing to do:

Some Ravens fans just wanted answers:

Muffy Crosswire thinks Ed Reed is duplicitous:

By the way, "Muffy Crosswire" sounds like a WWE valet for the "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase back in, like, 1989. Continuing...

Wishing injury on a franchise icon is classy:

Yeah, Ed Reed. "BRAKE" your legs...

I guess Elvis Dumervil is the Ravens potential rebound chick for some fans:

Dalton Bocknick is not strong in the subject of football history:

Yeah, Dalton, you guys DESTROYED the Texans in that 43-13 loss back in October. Crushed them!

Unless Reed spent time on Wall Street that I'm not aware of, some Ravens fans have a hard time spelling the word "traitor:"

"Brake your legs" thinks that's fucked up, Loso King.

It's apparently like LeBron leaving Cleveland....

....minus the made for TV infomercial. Yeah.

This is my favorite one, only because this guy tells him to "fuck right off:"

Winner of the "so clever it went over ninety five percent of Twitter's head" tweet goes to Kerri Zurek with this homage to Edgar Allen Poe:

So, Ed Reed is a Texan. Now, it's time to shore up inside linebacker, and it appears that as of yesterday there's another franchise icon available on the marketplace:

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