Edinburg Police Foiled In Attempt To Give Pot To State Prison Inmates, Apparently

They do things different down in the Valley. Like, if you're a police department, you donate some marijuana to inmates at the local state prison.

Oh sure, Edinburg police are saying it was all a mistake, and no way did they intend to give 25 pounds of pot to inmates by cleverly concealing it in a truckload of bananas, but come on, man -- it's the Valley.

We're just surprised they went to the trouble of hiding it.

The McAllen Monitor reports that Edinburg police sent a truckload of bananas and other fruit to the TDCJ's Segovia Unit, a common practice since the fruit had been confiscated in a drug raid.

About 1,000 pounds of pot was confiscated in that incident, police said. Trouble is, there was apparently 1,025 pounds of pot in the truck.

The weed was discovered while inmates working in the kitchen were unpacking the delivery. In what must be considered either the Upset of the Year, or evidence that prison truly can be redemptive, one inmate reported the pot to guards.

That inmate was later killed in the shower. (Not really.)

"We always inspect those donations before they are delivered," Edinburg police chief Quirino Munoz told the Monitor. "I guess these drugs were inadvertently missed by the officers and our drug dogs."

Yep. We're buying it. Those drug dogs miss 25 pounds of pot all the freakin' time.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.