Edouard Didn't Affect Government Budgets, Either

Breathless reports noted for much of Monday night and Tuesday that the county had gone on "emergency status" to handle Tropical Storm Edouard.

Of course, Edouard turned out to be more hype than reality.

So how much did it cost to gear up and run on emergency status for what was essentially a non-event?

According to the county, not all that much.

Some Sheriff's deputies may have gotten some overtime, says Joe Stinebaker, spokesperson for county judge Ed Emmett, but that's about it:

The rest of us...who worked overnight or extra shifts don't get paid overtime. We just ended up picking up more comp time, of which many of us still harbor delusions of someday using. The only other thing I can think of is if the sheriff's department or constable's offices maybe had more vehicles out, there may have been more fuel used, but I don't think that would be much expense.

County budget officer Dick Raycraft, master of all things financial, confirms there are no big expenses tied to Edouard's whiff.

So let's just be thankful for the rain.

-- Richard Connelly

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