Efforts To Deport Terrelle Pryor To Canada Fail

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"My house is not for sale, but for the right price, it's on the market." -- Larry James, Terrelle Pryor's attorney discussing his client's possibly signing with the CFL

There are lots of life lessons for Terrelle Pryor to take away from the events of the past two weeks. Lessons about being part of a team, about letting your teammates down, doing the right thing, honesty, and integrity.

If Pryor's decision (which may or may not have been made for him) to leave Ohio State before the start of his senior year was the first step toward greater self-awareness, it doesn't appear as though his representation will be leading him there.

Terrelle Pryor's options go like this -- sign with the UFL, sign with the CFL, wait for the proper paperwork and enter the NFL Supplemental Draft. The first two options involve secondary leagues with very fixed, very modest salary structures. The third option is the NFL which, when it's not buried in a work stoppage, generally views Pryor as a fringe quarterback prospect.

In other words, Terrelle Pryor is not exactly dealing from a position of strength.

So for Larry James, when asked if the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the CFL (They hold Pryor's CFL negotiating rights) are an option for Pryor this season, to intimate that the bidding is somehow open, that he can somehow get the CFL to bid up Pryor's services like they are an autographed mini helmet, in a league where the average salary is around $45,000 (or barely $5,000 more than Pryor supposedly made selling autographed gear on eBay while at Ohio State) is somewhat laughable.

I can only imagine how those conversations between James and Saskatchewan went.

Saskatchewan: "We will pay Terrelle Pryor $45,000 next season."

James: "Whoa...you're WAY off. How about, say, $250,000?"

Saskatchewan: "Um, $45,000."

James: "Come on now, this is Terrelle Pryor! How about $150,000?"

Saskatchewan: "Uh yyeaaahh....$45,000."

James: "Okay, come on. You and I, we're business people. Colleagues, if I may? $85,000. You're getting a steal!"

Saskatchewan: "Riighht...um...$45,000,"

You see my point. Not surprisingly, Terrelle Pryor and Saskatchewan failed to come to terms yesterday, the first lesson for Pryor that the world outside the Columbus cocoon is not ready to pay premium rates for his services, much less his autograph.

In the UFL and the CFL, everyone is pretty much the same, at least from a salary perspective. There are premium players in the CFL, but when you add up the value of his scholarship, tattoos, auctioned gear, and free cars in Columbus, Pryor was better compensated at Ohio State than the cream of Canada's crop.

In the UFL, which is still an option for Pryor, everyone makes $40,000, a dollar amount Pryor is allegedly familiar with. There is literally no negotiation.

That leaves the NFL.

Once Pryor gets the proper paperwork indicating he would not have been eligible at Ohio State this season, he becomes eligible for the Supplemental Draft. In that process, if a team wants to select Pryor, they submit a blind bid of a draft choice with a round attached to the bid. The team that bids the highest pick gets Pryor and forfeits the corresponding draft pick in the 2012 Draft.

Because they're both big, athletic, and with a taint of scandal on them, Pryor is often brought up with Cam Newton. (To be fair to Newton, his scandal stench is still second-hand smoke compared to the rancid odor of Pryor. For now.) The comparisons, though, end at big and athletic. Newton, despite struggling to name a play in Auburn's playbook (other than "36" -- "That's a play!"), is far more polished than Pryor will ever be. Pryor's future may be lining up at wide receiver.

We will find out in time. Yesterday's aborted talks between Pryor and the CFL, though, was the first subtle lesson that he's entering a brave new world. For the first time, Terrelle Pryor needs people a whole lot more than people need him.

Welcome to the real world, Terrelle.

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