And now, speaking on the subject of Richmond Rail...

Egg Man

We love going to City Council meetings.

Sure, most of the time you're just watching a live version of C-SPAN, but come time for public comments, there's always a character or two in the crowd who's ready to get rowdy while exercising his right to free speech.

And no man fights for his right like "Senator Robert Horton," a mainstay on the tinfoil circuit. Just this morning he tossed his third egg in two years, flinging it against the wall.

Here's how Councilmember Carol Alvarado summed up the incident for Channel 13:

Today, it's just an egg. But tomorrow, it could be something else... And other people that are watching at home could be saying, 'Wow, city council, it's easy to come in and just throw things at people if we want.'

Well, gee, that's one way to put the idea into people's heads. — Keith Plocek

UPDATE: Channel 11 has video, complete with an extended shot of the yolk dripping down the wall that would make Jean-Luc Godard cream his pants.

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