Eight-Liner King Enters Guilty Plea

A major operator of the 8-liner machines that are so popular (and illegal) around here and the rest of Texas has entered a guilty plea that will cost him over $1 million, state attorney general Greg Abbott announced today.

Gordon Graves, the 72-year-old founder of Aces Wired, entered the plea in a Corpus Christi court, ending a long legal battle over the machines.

The 8-liners are like slot machines, but of course it's illegal to gamble in Texas. The law allows you to give a token prize, however, and Aces Wild's token prize was a debit card good at specific locations. Which pretty much is as good as cash.

Abbott's office says the Aces Wild case is "believed to be the largest coordinated gambling prosecution in Texas history."

Aces Wild will be forfeiting about $1 million in assets under the plea, which also includes a little bit of the old tampering with evidence.

At one point prosecutors were talking about bribery charges in regards to Aces Wild's payments to a Fort Worth police officer; Aces Wild said they were merely trying to employ the officer as an expert witness in the ongoing litigation.

Although the company is a major player in the 8-liner world, we're thinking this won't put that much of a cramp into those dedicated losers dropping their paychecks into the machines all through Pasadena and south Houston.

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