Eirin Ann Hicks: Killed by first-floor jump
Eirin Ann Hicks: Killed by first-floor jump
Texas State

Eirin Ann Hicks: Texas State Student Killed by One-Story Jump

If you're a parent who wonders why you worry about your kid, fresh evidence today that you need to: A Texas State student has died by jumping out of a first-floor window.

Eirin Ann Hicks, 24 and from Temple, was taken off life support yesterday after head injuries suffered in the incident.

The dorm window in question at the San Marcos campus is slightly higher than the typical first-floor window because of a hill sloping underneath the building, but it's not a big jump by any means.

A photo in the Austin American-Statesman shows maybe a six- to ten-foot jump, depending on the window.

A 19-year-old Texas State student from Houston, Kristin McCreery, was also injured by jumping, but reports have her in fair condition with a back injury. A male student who jumped was not injured.

Students had gathered in the dorm room and, when they were leaving early Tuesday morning, Hicks, McCreery and the other student decided to exit by jumping out the window.

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