That's a lot of time waiting for the doors to open
That's a lot of time waiting for the doors to open
Courtesy IBM

Elevators In Houston: Let's Hope We're Living It Up While We're Going Down

Houstonians, you spend one hell of a lot of time in elevators.

So says IBM, which has conducted a study of "smart buildings" that included (somehow) an assessment of how much time workers spent "stuck in elevators."

Houston, in the past 12 months, you've spent a cumulative 9.7 years in elevators.

A quarter of all respondents to the national study said "the elevators in their office buildings are poorly coordinated - for example, too few or too many at any one time, or insufficient capacity," IBM said.

Houston's near-decade in elevators -- which is sorta impressive, in a bad way, when you consider how many people work in spread-out office campuses without high-rises -- is more than only four cities in the survery -- New York, LA, Chicago and Washington, D.C. (Another place without many high-rises, actually.)

What's the worst elevator in Houston?

We know what building would get our vote: The Criminal Courts. If they gave defendants time served for waiting on those things, the jail would be lot less overcrowded.

But maybe there are worse buildings out there. Leave your nominees in the comment, or hit us up with an e-mail.


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