Smashed into a house, killing a baby, and fled the scene
Smashed into a house, killing a baby, and fled the scene
Photo courtesy HCSO

Elizabeth Cedillo, Four Months Old, Bayou Body Count No. 99

A drunk driver ran through a stop sign about 4 a.m. Sunday, continued on up a driveway, and smashed into a house, hitting the room where four-month-old Elizabeth Cedillo was sleeping.

The infant was pronounced dead Monday night, and intoxication manslaughter charges have been filed against the driver, 19-year-old David Chacon.

Police say Chacon was driving a black Chevy Silverado pickup into a T-intersection when he ignored the stop sign and kept going forward instead of turning.

He hit a front room of the Cedillo house, where Elizabeth was sleeping. He then fled the scene but was later arrested at his nearby home.

There was some initial confusion about the charges filed; prosecutors were informed the baby had died Sunday and filed intoxication manslaughter charges. They downgraded those charges to assault when told the baby was still alive, but reinstated them after her death.

Chacon is charged with a second felony, failure to stop and render aid involving serious bodily injury.

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