Elvin Jeovanny Flores, 35, Bayou Body Count No. 198

No charges have been filed, but an investigation is continuing into a fatal shooting in a Greenspoint apartment complex Friday night.

A security guard shot an intoxicated man, Elvin Jeovanny Flores, 35, who tried to stab him with a butcher knife after an argument over loud music shortly before midnight, police say.

The incident in the 800 block of Greens Road began when two security guards approached Flores and another man, who were standing outside an apartment, and told them to turn down their music.

Let's let HPD take it from there to describe how things went downhill fast:

Flores' friend complied but Flores, whom witnesses stated was intoxicated, began hollering at the security guards and threw a beer bottle at them. Flores then went inside his apartment, retrieved a fireplace poker and came outside yelling and waving the poker at [security guard Roderick] McGuire and the other guard. Flores then went back inside his apartment and came outside with a large butcher knife, still yelling and threatening both men with the knife.

Both men told Flores to drop the knife several times. Flores then went back inside the apartment and exited the patio door. He then jumped a tall fence surrounding the patio and attempted to stab McGuire.

The security guard was "in fear for his safety and for those around him," HPD says.

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