Empty Seats at Texans Games Only Way to Hurt McNair

I’ve got a little something that I want to get off my chest. It’s something I’ve been


from the Chron’s John McClain for the past month or so. He’s angry with people who don’t use their Texans tickets and leave the stadium empty.

It shows we’re bad fans, he says. It shows we don’t care. There are so many other people who want the tickets that we should just give them away.

And I say bull.

There’s only one way for the fans who have bought season tickets to show their displeasure with the Texans in a fashion that will really hurt owner Bob McNair. And that’s to not show up.

A half-empty stadium looks bad on television and makes McNair look bad in front of his buddies. And worse, a half-empty stadium means McNair is making a lot less dough on the Texans because that means there are 30,000 fewer fans paying his exorbitant prices for concessions. That’s 30,000 people who aren’t buying those warm, overpriced beers, paying five bucks for a 20-ounce soft drink or paying the same amount of money one would pay for a nice dinner at an expensive restaurant for two hot dogs and a bag of peanuts.

People booing the Texans won’t give McNair the incentive to make the necessary changes. People not showing up and not buying those jerseys and shirts and jackets in the team shop will motivate McNair because that hits him where it hurts.

But if you do what McClain wants you to do, then McNair’s not going to feel it. He’s not going to have to make changes.

He won’t have to because the people who got those tickets that McLain wants you to give away will be buying all of that overpriced crap, and McNair’s pocketbook won’t be affected.

So if you want this team to get better, ignore John McClain and stay away from the games. Don’t give away the tickets. Make Bob McNair feel your anger. Then, and only then, will McNair have a real incentive to improve this team. – John Royal

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