En Fuego: Man Arrested for Throwing Molotov Cocktail at Neighbor's Home

Some crazy crap goes down in Houston sometimes. Last week, it was July the Fourth and fireworks were going off all over the place. I live on the near north side and despite the fact that fireworks are illegal inside the city limits, you would think our entire hood had taken out permits to light the sky on fire. Bottom line, people like to blow shit up.

But normally that sort of thing is limited to mailboxes and the occasional ant pile, not a neighbor's house, unless you are this guy in northeast Harris County who the Sheriff's office had to remove from a barricaded house after he threw a Molotov cocktail at his neighbor's home.

You heard me.

The unidentified 27-year-old suspect was taken into custody on July 5. He allegedly got angry with a neighbor who continued to set off fireworks after 2:30 a.m. The argument became violent, with each throwing objects at the other's home. Then the suspect allegedly lit a container filled with fluid and launched it at the neighbor's house.

After putting out the fire, the neighbor decided he had brought a cherry bomb to a Molotov cocktail fight and called the constable's office. When the suspect refused to open the door, constables contacted the HCSO and the Fire Marshal to bring him out of his home. No other devices were found and the suspect was taken into custody.

The moral of the story is don't shoot off fireworks late at night or someone might try to light you on fire with a homemade bomb...or something.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.