Enough with the Brad #@&*% Lidge Already!

Okay, the All-Star break is over. It’s time for the Astros to get back to business.

Now, will the Astros who are getting back to business be the Astros who are 39-50 and pretty much sucked for most of the season, or will it be the Astros who finished out the so-called “first half” of the season by going 7-4 on the team’s last home stand?

This weekend will be a good test. The Astros will be taking on the Chicago Cubs, a club which started the season as bad as the Astros, and a team which was sparked by controversy when pitcher Carlos Zambrano and then-catcher Michael Barrett erupted in fisticuffs in the dugout. The Cubs have, however, moved up to second place in the NL Central, and now sit 4.5 games back of the first place Milwaukee Brewers. If the Astros are going to get back into the NL Central race – HAH!!! – they are going to have to start beating the teams in the NL Central. A thing with which the Astros have had trouble doing.

Now, the Astros are confident that they can get the job done. One of the reasons for this optimism is that, as manager Phil Garner stated on the radio yesterday, Brad Lidge is ready to return to the team.



Why are the Astros so crappy this year? Because of stuff like this.

The team will be fine if Brad Lidge has rediscovered how to pitch. The team will be better this year if Jason Lane hits. The team will be better this year if Morgan Ensberg returns to his form from 2005. The team will be better this year if Adam Everett hits just a little bit more. The team will be better this year if Brad Ausmus hits a little more.

If. If. If.

This team is constructed on a series of ifs. If this, then that. If that, then this. You don’t win a pennant when the team is constructed around a series of ifs. Like Lidge and Everett and Lane and Ensberg.

Jesus Ortiz writes that there are lots of teams that are interested in Brad Lidge. Then make the fucking trade. Make the fucking trade. Lidge has had numerous opportunities to return to form. And he has failed. Sure, if he comes back next week, maybe he’ll be back to pre-Pujols form. But why does the team keep risking it? If someone wants him. Then make the trade.

Make the trade. – John Royal

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