Enron: The Six Weirdest Items from the Auction

It was ten years ago that Enron went up in flames. Recently some reorganizing of the home office revealed that we had somehow kept the catalog for the 2002 auction of the company's assets.

It's mostly page after page of computer equipment and office furniture, but there were some other items too. Here are six of the oddest.

6. Boxes of yo-yos with the Enron logo In hindsight, a perfect symbol for this company: It climbs up, does some startling tricks, then goes down. Way, way down. And when it's being operated badly, it stays down.

5. "FLINT LOCK HAND GUN; 'SHOT HEARD ROUND THE WORLD': Imitation and non-functional. JOIN THE REVOLUTION, WITH BOX AND STAND Wait, these guys were armed? Well, if you're going to be successful hold-up artists, you do need to come strapped.

4. "1 Box with After Coffee mints" Well, I wasn't planning on attending the auction, but once I saw breath mints were available...

3. Portable basketball system with acrylic backboard and "slam-it rim" This would be sweet if it had the Enron logo on it.

2. Foosball table Just in case you were doubting whether Enron was a testosterone-filled fratboy atmosphere. We're sure the games on this table were epic, broseph, with an elaborate scoring system and league standings.

1. "Toy Semi Truck filled with jelly beans When you think of Enron, think of giant loads of jelly beans. And trading platforms for jelly bean futures. And offshore accounts with names like "Jelly Bean II."

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