Eric Paul Morgan: Veteran Houston Robber / Thief Comes to Grief in Navasota

After a short multi-county crime spree, including an armed home invasion in Lufkin and a bank robbery in Navasota, Eric Paul Morgan sits in the Grimes County Jail. He's already been charged with bank robbery, and Lufkin police are in the process of getting a warrant for the home invasion.

That was a particularly nasty case. Lufkin cops say that on September 1, the 273-pound, 42-year-old Morgan knocked on the door of a 77-year-old woman, pushed his way in when she opened it, waved a gun at the woman and made off with her credit card and other items. Cops say they have Morgan on video using the credit card to tank up a dark Volkswagen Eos.

Last Friday, Morgan surfaced in the lobby of a Navasota Wells Fargo. There he gave the teller a note demanding money. The teller complied and Morgan fled, only to be run down and arrested by Navasota cops within minutes. Not only was Morgan driving the same Eos on the Lufkin video, but police say he also had some of the Lufkin victim's possessions with him.

This could be the end of a long criminal career, much of which took place in Houston.

Less than five years ago, Morgan was sentenced in Harris County Court to eight years in prison after he was convicted in a crime that combined elements of the two events above. After getting a contract job as a bookkeeper without check-writing privileges in the Tifco Bank on Kirby Drive in River Oaks, Morgan still managed to pass himself forged checks to the tune of $33,542.

Since the bank was owned by an 84-year-old man, Morgan was convicted of theft from the elderly, a second-degree felony. In addition to the prison time, Morgan was ordered to pay the bank's owner restitution of more than $68,000.

Morgan racked up two more Harris County felony convictions in 1993 -- one for auto theft and a second for something involving shady credit cards -- and was sent up the river for five years.

Prior to moving to Texas, the native of the Cincinnati area did time in Ohio's Mansfield prison after getting convicted of forgery while still a teenager.

Parole records show that Morgan has been living in Conroe since his release in February of this year and that his sentence extends to 2015.

After these latest escapades, at least some of which are set to be ruled on by East Texas judges and juries, we're thinking Morgan might be looking at a much closer form of supervision and for a hell of a lot longer than four more years.

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