Erin Andrews: Playboy's Sexiest Sportscaster

The competition has ended, and just like the Philadelphia Phillies putting down the upstart Tampa Bay Rays in last year's World Series, ESPN Erin Andrews' dominated her competition once again to repeat as Playboy.com's Sexiest Sportscaster. Playboy.com attempted to toughen things up this year, so they made it a two-step competition. But despite their best efforts, and despite my attempts to get people to write in Suzy Kolber and Carrie Milbank, Erin Andrews easily won this competition again.

Here's some really useful info for all of you Erin Andrews fans. Seeing as how tomorrow is Valentine's Day, SI.com got her to give out some Valentine/dating tips. And just like those centerfold girls do, she even tells SI.com what she finds interesting in a guy. Though truthfully, I don't think any of us really stand much of a chance with her. I somehow see her ending up with a quarterback.

But I don't see Erin Andrews ending up in a bikini and wrapped around the body of a Southwest Airlines 737. Not like SI Swimsuit cover model Bar Refaeli who literally has a photo of her bikini clad body gracing the sides of a Southwest Airlines plane. And looking at the photo, I guess this is one of the few times in your life when you can actually sit in the tail section. It also appears that if you ask politely, you might be able to get a boob's eye view of the action.

Sports Illustrated has learned through their swimsuit issue that sex sells, and they obviously sold that sex to Southwest Airlines, which is kind of ironic considering that not too long ago Southwest Airlines wouldn't let a woman board because her clothing was too revealing.

I wouldn't hold out any hope of Erin Andrews appearing nude in Playboy or wearing a bikini on the side of a Southwest Airlines 737. But if you can get to a ballpark during batting practice, there's a chance you might get to see her bouncing around the field in a sundress. After all, she didn't become Playboy.com's Sexiest Sportscaster just because she knows how to ask questions on the sidelines.

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