ESPN Deportes Radio Arrives In Houston And Doesn't Use English

We're talkin beisbol....
​ESPN Deportes Radio, the Spanish-language arm of the sports giant, has arrived in Houston.

It began broadcasting this week on KGOL 1180 AM....and just as the name and above description implies, they didn't use English, which if it isn't the official language of North America it durn well should be.

Or at least we assume there are people who think so. On the other hand, Houston is full of Spanish speakers who deserve sports coverage in their native language, not to mention a focus on sports they like.

"Houston is one of our top markets, where Hispanics comprise more than 32 percent of the city's population," says Jim Roberts, executive director of ESPN radio affiliate sales. "We are thrilled to become their destination for the best world-class play-by-play content and the latest sports news and information in Spanish-language."

"This agreement reinforces our commitment to continued growth of ESPN Deportes Radio among the top Hispanic markets across the country." says Oscar Ramos, general manager of ESPN Deportes Radio. "With Houston's expansion, ESPN Deportes Radio now reaches nine of the top 15 Hispanic markets in the country."

Of course, you could argue that the last thing Houston needs is another sports-talk station. We now have five of them broadcasting 24/7. The other four are in English, of course.

If you decide to call in to any ESPN Deportes shows, Houston, remember the ironclad mandate of sports-talk radio: Callers must always begin by inquiring how the hosts are doing.

That's "¿Cómo les va ?" if you're keeping score at home.

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