ESPN GameDay Coming To....Waco?

Colleges all over the country drool at the thought of hosting ESPN GameDay. It's a mark of high honor and respect, and students try to outdo each other in raucously cheering on-camera behind the hosts.

Baton Rouge, Austin, Gainesville, they've all hosted. And ESPN has now announced that they will be coming to...Waco?

Sure, it's for a basketball game (March 4 against Texas) and not the more highly desired football broadcast, but still: Waco?

What can we expect from the Baylor crowd?

1. Lee Corso will not be a penis. The most famous picture of an ESPN GameDay crowd featured a sign declaring the pretty much universal sentiment that GameDay host Lee Corso is a penis.

We're willing to bet that won't happen in Waco. And not just because Lee Corso doesn't do basketball games for ESPN.

"Lee Corso (or whoever) is a Welcome at Baylor" might be as tough as it gets.

2. There will be at least one "Got Jesus?" shirt in the background. Or whatever the latest ironic-for-born-agains fashion accessory is.

3. The cheering will be exceedingly polite. Chants will not offer the pronouncement that "Longhorns Suck." The may "stink," however, contingent on prior administration approval of all student chants.

4. Baylor will treat the event as if it was a football GameDay. As we said, a basketball GameDay is a poor second cousin to the pigskin event, but you wouldn't know it from the Bears' reaction: "It doesn't get any bigger or better than ESPN College GameDay coming to your campus. What a tremendous privilege, honor and compliment to 'Baylor Nation' and everyone in Central Texas, Ballor coach Scott Drew said.

You're right, coach. If it was football season.

5. The boys in the truck will be frustrated.
Trolling for shots of drunk cleavage-baring co-eds, even if they're only for personal use and not intended to be broadcast? Lots of luck with that, fellas.

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