ETX Family (Allegedly) Peddles Drugs Together and Goes to Jail Together

Three members representing as many generations of an Angelina County family are behind bars there after the local sheriff's office caught them peddling pills, authorities say.

According to a Lufkin Daily News report, a six-months-long investigation culminated in a raid on a home in Zavalla and the arrests of 75-year-old Billie Maxine Houston and her 60-year-old brother-in-law Bobby Glynn Jordy. A warrant was also issued for Houston's grandson, 31-year-old Daniel Cole Houston.

Billie Houston and Jordy reportedly sold synthetic morphine to a confidential informant working for the Angelina County Sheriff's Office.

One wonders who was influencing who in this tawdry family affair.

The younger Houston is the only one of this trio of country kinfolk with a prior record involving illegal drugs: He was placed on three years' probation in 2008 for possession of less than a gram of an unspecified substance. He has also been accused of being a deadbeat dad and of numerous driving offenses and is now wanted for selling weed and for aggravated assault.

His grandma has been busted for credit card abuse. Unless something is missing from the records available online, she began her life in crime only three years ago, when she was 72. Now she faces a second-degree felony charge of delivery of a controlled substance and Jordy faces a lesser state jail felony charge.

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