Evander Holyfield Loses A House And A Lawyer

Today's edition of the never-ending saga of former heavyweight boxing champ Evander Holyfield 's financial woes takes the form of a lawsuit the boxer filed today against a Houston lawyer he says illegally foreclosed on Holyfield's home.

According to the suit, filed in Harris County District Court, Holyfield executed a deed of trust to Jeffrey Stern in 2008 for property at 22 East Terrace Dr., in exchange for a $560,000 loan from Stern. The suit alleges that Stern and co-defendent Mary Axelrad foreclosed on the home one week before the note was due, allowing Stern to purchase the home, violating the terms of the deed of trust.

Holyfield alleges that Stern sent a notice, prior to foreclosing on the home, saying Holyfield hadn't paid homeowner association fees, property taxes, or insurance -- but did not give the former champ a chance to make payments.

We left a message for Stern but haven't heard back yet: we're mainly trying to figure out why anyone would lend a guy $560,000 when he owes half of that (approximately 2,800 Real Deal Grills' worth) to his ex-wife for delinquent child support. He and ex-wife Janice Holyfield have a son, Elijah; but he has eight other kids with five other women. (The only reason we can think of to lend a boatload of dough in return for a note on a home is that you know damn well the dude's going to be able to pay you back in time.)

No response from Stern has been filed with the court.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.