Even a Blind Sportswriter Finds a Fact Every Once in a While

Okay folks, I’ve got a question, and maybe you can help me out. It concerns the Morgan Ensberg trade to the San Diego Padres. As I noted yesterday, the Astros traded Morgan Ensberg to the Padres for cash considerations and a player to be named later – I noted that it appeared the Astros were paying the Padres for the right to keep paying Ensberg while he played for the Padres.

Here’s my problem. My post was based on this Associated Press story. And this Associated Press story noted that the Astros were responsible for paying the remainder of Ensberg’s salary this season. Another, longer version of this story, by the Associated Press’s Bernie Wilson can be found here. But Jesus Ortiz states that the Padres are responsible for paying off most of the rest of Ensberg’s salary this season. And as of this writing, the San Diego Union-Tribune just has this blog posting which is rather lacking in details.

Now, you know my opinion of Jesus Ortiz. And this, to me, is a rather major fact. And as a rather major fact, how can two people have gotten this so wrong? This seems to be a rather easy fact to verify. So who has gotten it wrong? And how?

And, beyond that, who should I believe? Jesus Ortiz? Or Wilson with the Associated Press? Now, Jesus Ortiz’s story is just local, and Wilson’s is the story the rest of the country is getting, so Wilson’s the national reporter of record on this story. And he’s got no history with me of being an idiot, so I’m inclined to believe him. But hell, what if Jesus Ortiz has actually gotten it right for once?

My God. Jesus Ortiz could be right about something.




-- John Royal

UPDATE: Tim Krasovic of the San Diego Union-Tribune now has a detailed report on the Morgan Ensberg trade. And, no surprise, he's reporting that the Astros are picking up the remainder of Ensberg's salary this season. So, now Bernie Wilson of the Associated Press and Tim Krasovic of the San Diego Union-Tribune are reporting one thing, while Jesus Ortiz is still reporting that the Padres are picking up the majority of Ensberg's salary.

I don't know about you, but that has settled the question for me. Ortiz got it wrong. Again.

Wow, my head feels much better.

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