Even Dallas Agrees We're Boomin'

How far back does the Dallas vs. Houston rivalry go? Is it even a legitimate rivalry anymore? A column in The Dallas Morning News this week seems to question this, but then points to how much stronger growth seems on the Houston front.

And while we cheer about Toyota Motors bringing about 4,000 new jobs to Collin County, just one oil company, Exxon Mobil, is in the process of consolidating 10,000 workers in suburban Houston.

The energy industry in Houston has fueled the biggest real estate boom since the 1980s. At Exxon Mobil's huge corporate campus, 20 office buildings are going up all at once. It's the biggest commercial real estate project in North America, with 3.5 million square feet -- larger than even State Farm Insurance's new Richardson regional office.

Yeah, insurance companies just don't compare with Big Oil.

When it talks about the development boom, according to the article, Houston's more than 100 construction projects in the works loom high over north Texas's 40 or so.

But as the columnist states: "Back in the 1980s boom, Texas' two largest metro areas were always scrapping over who would be the biggest and the best."

We don't know, but looks like we won. Now who's bigger?

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