Ever Lastings Love?

He's here...for now.

That damned ESPN the Magazine article.

A little while back, the Mag published a story about Houston Astros ace Roy Oswalt. You know, the fire-armed, ice-in-his-veins Roy O. That guy. The story was called "Oswalt's 10-Year Plan." In the piece Roy O allows that he could basically walk away from pro baseball after a decade. As much as he loves the MLB and the bulldozer that Drayton McLane bought him, he loves his hometown of Weir, Mississippi more.

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Fair enough, but reading it, you couldn't help but wonder if the story was foreshadowing — at least for Astros fans. Was Roy planting a seed? Could our most reliable slinger be leaving before his ten-year anniversary?

Surely not, we all thought. But then came the reports on Sports Radio 610 this morning that the Astros were dangling Oswalt in trade talks with the Mets.

Our Roy O? Better be for Carlos Delgado and Carlos Beltran, right?

Oh, no. It's for Lastings Milledge.

[Cue tumbleweeds.]

Milledge is a hotshot Mets prospect. Thing is, everyone in NYC is a hotshot prospect, namely because they're in NYC. The Astros have plenty of prospects. What we need is scoring now. Roy O for a prospect makes no sense.

All we can say is, as 610's morning guys John Granato and Lance Zierlein pointed out, something must really be up with Roy and the 'Stros contract-wise. As of this afternoon, Oswalt is off the blocks, according to GM Tim Purpura. That should be a relief, except that there's the whole question as to why the hell he was on the block in the first place.

Meanwhile, reports are that oft-cursed closer Brad Lidge is on the block in deals involving Miguel Tejada or Alfonso Soriano. That would seem to make a little more sense. The Astros have less than five minutes to pull off a deal before the trading deadline.

If they do, let's hope it makes sense. -- Steven Devadanam

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