Eversole's No Longer Announcing He's Screwed

County Commissioner Jerry Eversole kept quiet this morning about his

recent statement

that he will probably leave office because he's the target of an FBI investigation and expects to be indicted. That information was an odd offering from Eversole, considering the feds haven't announced or confirmed that the commissioner is under investigation.

Eversole refused to answer questions after the meeting, and so did Joanye Henderson, his chief of staff, but Henderson did issue a "no comment" for any questions that someone might hypothetically ask.

The other commissioners didn't say anything about Eversole's statement either, but a resident, Jimmy Dunne, did call for Eversole's resignation, saying that the public has lost trust in the commissioner because of all the corruption allegations.

County Judge Ed Emmett defended Eversole after the meeting and said the investigation is a non-issue for him. "Mr. Dunne can say whatever he wants," Emmett said. "Commissioner Eversole has not been formally accused of any crime."

Last winter, Channel 13 Undercover aired several stories about Eversole, questioning the way he spends campaign money and his personal relationship with an architect who gets a lot of money from the county.

-- Paul Knight

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.