Every Girl's Crazy `Bout A Real Old Song

The Greater Houston Convention & Visitors Bureau has gotten a lot of attention recently for getting ZZ Top to push Houston for the Bureau’s “My Houston” campaign.

We have no problem with the “Li’l Ol’ Band from Texas” (seems like that should come with a copyright sign) but let’s face it: backing the video spot with “Sharp Dressed Man,” a song that is a quarter-century old, doesn’t exactly scream “modern, exciting, cutting-edge city.” (What – was “Tumbling Tumbleweeds” not available?)

To illustrate just how old that freakin’ song is, we’ve compiled a list of things the tres hombres might’ve been touting if they did this spot back in 1983:

Non-steroid-user Nolan Ryan pitches non-steroid-using balls in the freakin’ Dome

Oliver Luck and Gifford Nielson QB the Oilers in a Texans-like 2-14 season

Houston is actually hit by a real hurricane – good ol’ Alicia

H-town gets a kick-ass new building called the Transco Tower!

Kathy Whitmire is doing a bang-up job, for a girl mayor

The big basketball stadium off 59 is actually used for basketball

Astroworld opens a kick-ass ride called the Sky Screamer

Tons of great coupons in the Sunday Post

-- Craig Malsow

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