Everyone's Packing Up Their U-Haul And Moving To Houston

Everyone's Packing Up Their U-Haul And Moving To Houston

Houston is the top U.S. city for people relocating with U-Hauls, the company announced today.

Last year we were second to Atlanta, but that city has dropped off the face of the earth, probably because it has too many Braves fans, coming in only seventh this year.

More than 1 million U-Haul transactions were examined, all for moves of more than 50 miles, in the latest version of the annual study.

"The ranking reflects destinations for movers traveling more than 50 miles, and considers every city in the country, regardless of size," the company said. "However, the data is not stated as a percentage of population and is not reflective of overall growth."

Yeah, yeah, details. All that matters is we're number one.

Here's the top ten list, with last year's rankings:

1. Houston (Number 2 last year)
2. Las Vegas (4)
3. Chicago (7)
4. San Antonio (8)
5. Orlando, Florida (10)
6. Austin (9)
7. Atlanta (1)
8. Sacramento, California (15)
9. Kansas City, Missouri (12)
10. Denver (5)

Dallas came in 15th and Plano 35th. You'll be glad to know that Victorville, California came in 50th.

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