Ex-Cop Busted for Burglary After Leaving His Police-Issue Pager Behind, Trying to Accuse Accomplice

Let's see if this can quickly be broken down before getting into details. A former cop who resigned from the force on October 1 was arrested because of some stolen tools in Rio Hondo. That seems odd enough. Now, add in the fact that the way he got busted was he dropped his police issue pager at the scene of the crime. But, there's more. Realizing he lost it, he called the owners of the home that had been burgled to leave a message saying he was patrolling the area when he saw someone trying to break into the house and he stopped to apprehend him.

Turns out, that "someone" was his accomplice who dropped dime on the former officer in a heartbeat. Get all that? OK, let's try some details.

According to a report from ValleyMorningStar.com, Officer Ernesto Yañez, 26, resigned from the police department and allegedly took up another line of work: stealing stuff.

Yañez was taken into custody in Houston after stealing tools from a home in Rio Hondo. Though the sheriff there denies he was a full time officer, the report had this to say:

The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education, the peace-officer licensing agency, said Friday that Yañez had been a police officer in Port Isabel from 2009 through the spring of 2012.

Police Chief Wally Gonzalez was not available to comment on why Yañez left the police force last year.

Yañez then held a dual commission as a reserve deputy Cameron County constable in 2012, which overlapped for a few months with service as a reserve officer in Rio Hondo. Public records show that Manzanares was charged in Cameron County with evading arrest and possession of marijuana in October 2009. The marijuana charge was dismissed and he was given deferred adjudication on the evading arrest charge after pleading guilty in February 2010. His 16-month sentence was probated, but his probation was revoked and he was to serve 90 days in jail in 2011, the public record shows.

The accomplice, 22-year-old Manuel Manzaneres, was also charged and was no doubt pissed that Yañez decided it would be easier to finger him for the crime than do the tim himself.

The tools that were stolen belonged to Gene Diaz, a retired U.S. Marshal who was doing work for the family where the break in occurred.

So, in addition to dropping his police-issue pager at the scene of a crime he was committing and trying to cover his tracks with a lame story about actually protecting the house, the tools he stole belonged to a former U.S. Marshal. If this guy was as bad at being a cop as he was at being a burglar, his best bet is to retire from that as well.

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