Ex-Employees: Michael Brown Told Bodyguard to Blow Him, Pissed All Over an Airplane Bathroom

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Alright, who wants to suck my dick?
Ex-hand surgeon Michael "More Cocaine, Please" Brown once told his bodyguard to "suck my dick," and chased his wife Rachel around the grounds of his Memorial Drive mansion with a gun, according to a former employee scheduled to testify in Brown's upcoming trial for interfering with a flight crew.

That "former household employee's" expected testimony of incidents that allegedly occurred in 2009 or 2010 is included in a notice filed by prosecutors in a Miami federal court, along with expected testimony from a former bodyguard who claims that Brown peed all over a first-class lavatory on a 2009 flight to Argentina.

The testimony is meant to rebut Brown's claims that an accidental mixture of the prescription sedative Restoril and alcohol caused him to attack female flight attendants on a January flight from London to Miami.

The former bodyguard is expected to testify that the Great Airborne Pissing Incident of 2009 occurred while he accompanied Brown and a friend on a hunting trip to Argentina.

"During the flight, [the bodyguard] learned that the captain was planning to divert the flight to Panama because the defendant had urinated on the walls and floor of the first class lavatory for the remainder of the flight. [The bodyguard] went to the lavatory and observed the defendant inside it, with urine on the walls and floor."

The former bodyguard was allegedly able to calm Brown down, and the flight landed in Buenos Aires as scheduled. Brown was "greeted by the head of security for the Buenos Aires Airport, where the defendant apologized and explained that he had taken too much of a new medication."

Other expected testimony includes allegations from the aforementioned former household worker, who claims he witnessed Brown strike Rachel "on at least five or six occasions...including punching her in the face with a closed fist."

In another motion filed this week, prosecutors refer to one of the flight attendants' claims that Brown told her and another attendant that "he would take all his clothes off in the cabin and have us both together in his flat bed" and that he wanted "to fuck us both."

Prosecutors are asking the judge to prohibit Brown from raising his Restoril-and-alcohol defense, stating "The defendant took both the Restoril and the alcohol voluntarily. According to the victims and other witnesses, he was awake -- though visibly intoxicated and at some point slurring his speech -- during the incidents at issue in this case. In other words, the defendant was not asleep nor otherwise unable to control his bodily movements."

The trial, which we assume will be freaking awesome, is scheduled for June 17.

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