Exciting New Job Opportunities At Stanford Financial

Are you an attorney looking to work for a company "that strives every day on every level of our business to achieve a higher standard"?

You're in luck!! Such a company advertised in the help-wanted section of the Chronicle Sunday!!

The company "has an opening for a skilled, dynamic attorney to participate actively in the fast-paced yet pleasant atmosphere of this growing firm."

The company? The Stanford Financial Group.

You might have heard about them lately in the news. And not necessarily for their "pleasant atmosphere" either. More along the lines of executives getting arrested for a giant Ponzi scheme-type of thing.

Come to think of it, Stanford probably does need some attorneys these days. Go to the website listed in the ad and you see the encouraging headline "Stanford Financial Group Receivership."

If you're interested, remember, "It is not solely the caliber of service or innovative products that set us apart from our competitors but our employees," the ad says. "At the Stanford Group, we believe our point of difference, and ultimately our strength, is our personnel."

The non-arrested personnel, we assume they're referring to.

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