Exclusive! Uncovered Vanity Fair Memo to Annie Leibovitz

MEMO TO: Ms. Leibovitz FROM: Vanity Fair Editors

Loved your Miley Cyrus shots and they’re certainly getting us a lot of press! Esp. loved the ones that included Billy Ray. Don’t worry about controversy surrounding these current pics. It’s great for business plus it’s sure to die down as soon as Mariah Carery confirms or denies her marriage to Nick Cannon.

Wanted to take a minute to pass on possible ideas for future shots with a young Hollywood theme. Let us know your thoughts.

*Jamie Lynn Spears recreates your famous Demi Moore pregnancy cover, only shot in front of a trailer and with a cigarette dangling out of her mouth. Instant classic, to be sure.

*Rihanna nude except with just an umbrella covering all the cute parts. If you didn’t know, Rihanna has a really catchy song about an umbrella, so it would be perfect, really.

*Vanessa Hudgens has already shown desire to go nude. How about a super artsy shot of her running down the halls of a high school (check and see if we can get the same school John Hughes used in all his flicks). In the background we could stage Zac Efron as a hall monitor running after her looking like he’s going to ask her for her hall pass, if you get what we’re sayin’.

*Hilary Duff dressed like Lizzie McGuire who forgot to button her pants up all the way. Mother probably won’t let her prizewinner pose totally nude, but sister Haylie Duff supposedly willing to do anything. Check on that.

*Hayden Panettiere. The cheerleading outfit is a natural fit. Into saving dolphins and sharks or some such thing, so perhaps we can work in a water theme. (Important note: She did turn 18 this year.)

*Lindsay Lohan. A no go. The girl’s been done to death. (Pun intended.)

Talk soon.

-- Jennifer Mathieu

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.