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Exercise Your Right to Gloat

For those few Houstonians who aren't blind adherents to the Vince-Young-is-God school of thought, Sunday's game against the Texans admirably summed up the phenomenon.

Young had a pretty average day, but — as you just might have heard — won the game with a 39-yard overtime TD romp. And that's all anyone will remember, and they'll remember it by repeating the mantra that "Vince just always finds a way to win."

Sports-talk radio has predictably, but entertainingly, blown up here in town...

...with fans ranting about how any idiot would have known the team should have drafted Young instead of Mario Williams and that David Carr sucks. (For non-football fans who need to get some idea of the I-told-you-so fervor, think of it as the sports equivalent of what the Rush Limbaugh show would sound like if Hillary Clinton broke down and confessed she was a Communist agent who was plotting America's downfall through the use of higher taxes and banning religion. And that she was a lesbian.)

The morning-show rants haven't been posted online yet, but if you're in the car from 3-6 p.m. today, be sure to turn in: KILT afternoon drive-time host Rich Lord is perhaps the high priest of the Church of St. Vincent Young, and we're guessing he just might have something to say about the decision not to make VY a Texan. --Richard Connelly

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