Exotic Bugatti Car Driven into Lagoon on Purpose, Insurance Company Says

When Andy House famously drove his extremely expensive

Bugatti Veyron into a La Marque lagoon

two years ago, he said he'd been distracted by a low-flying pelican.

As we noted at the time a subsequent video of the event came out, there don't appear to be any pelicans around.

Jalopnik tips us to a federal suit in Galveston where a jury will consider the insurance company's claim that House intentionally drove the $2.2 million car into the lagoon to collect insurance money.

In the suit, Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Company claims it has a confidential informant who was contacted by House and asked about whether he would "steal the car and burn it, making the disappearance of the vehicle appear to be a theft."

The company also says House caused further damage to the car by letting the engine run for 15 minutes while it sat in the lagoon's hood-high waters. It says House told them "he was being bitten by mosquitoes around the vehicle."

Pelicans, mosquitoes -- the animal world hates this guy.

The suit also says there were no skid marks or any signs of trying to stop the car.

The case will be heard in Galveston.

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