Extreme Makeover Home Almost Complete

A beautiful two-story, four-bedroom, 4,400-square-foot home was unveiled to the family of Eric and Elaine Johnson last Sunday as part of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Fresh from a dream vacation to Paris, the new home presented a flurry of emotions for the couple and their five girls, ranging from tears of joy to looks of utter disbelief.

Problem is they can't live in it quite yet.

Though the "bus-moving ceremony" -- the way the show regularly unveils completed homes to the deserving family -- is past, there is still work to be done before the family can take up residence.

This afternoon, workers were sealing windows, a van from a plumbing company was parked out front, and another crew was going in and out cutting up pieces of dark wood. No one from HHN Homes, which is spearheading the project, was available to provide the official list of remaining to-do's.

The project is located off Good Hope Street in South Union. Currently the street is blocked off to prevent traffic from slowing the completion of the project. According to a spokeswoman -- who spoke with the managing director of the Extreme Makeover project, Linda Stewart -- the home should be complete this weekend.

The Johnson family has been making occasional trips by the home to check on its progress. Surely they'd forgo the missing patio furniture and some cosmetic imperfections here and there; the home is certainly an upgrade from the "dangerously dilapidated house" they were living in before.

Eric and Elaine are the co-founders of Optimum Lifestyle, a non-profit marriage and family counseling operation.

HNN Homes teamed with various local vendors, businesses and volunteers in order to turn the project around as quickly as they have. The home was built from the ground up, with 24/7 work being done to try to make the desired completion date. For what was needed to be shown on TV, the project was complete enough.

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