Fa La La La La Impeach Obama Has a Nice Ring to It

Friday night at Rice Village, as shoppers strolled the area of shops and restaurants, they were greeted by a group of people assembling at the corner of University and Kelvin for what most onlookers thought would be the usual holiday offerings of "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" or "Angels We Have Heard on High."

But it was a different set of the faithful that had come out. LaRouchites were there singing a nifty rendition of "Impeach Obama."

Group members held a banner reading, "End Obama's Depression, Invoke the 25th Amendment." They also held aloft a sign with a picture of Obama with Hitler-esque features (Eat your heart out, Jon Stewart) with a caption that echoed their song's lyrics.

Between songs, they were eager to explain their position. According to them, President Obama is incapable of remedying the economic problems the country is facing. Obama has taken the side of the "big Wall-Street agenda" and is actually preventing the country from breaking out of the recession.

Despite their sign's caption, a representative named "Tim" said they were not seeking impeachment, saying that it's "a long process, and we want to be nice about it."

Instead, they want to use the fourth clause of the Twenty-Fifth Amendment, which details the ability of the Vice President to take over the duties of the office in the case of the President's mental or physical incompetency. "He's in over his head, and we just want to sweep him out of office quickly," Tim told Hair Balls.

Also present at the rally was Democrat Kesha Rogers, continuing her campaign against Obama since her loss in the Twenty-Second Congressional District on November 2.

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