Facebook Bows Down to Houston's Leaky Boob

We think Rockets coach Rudy Tomjanovich said it best: "NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE HEART OF A LEAKY BOOB!!!!"

Facebook has learned that harsh lesson. Houston blogger/tweeter/Facebooker Jessica Martin-Weber, the founder of the Web site theleakyboob.com, appears to have won her battle against the social-media giant.

Over the weekend FB took down her Leaky Boob page, saying it violated their terms of service. In other words, it showed boobs. (Leaky ones, we assume.) After howls of protest, they've reinstated it, although Martin-Weber is not yet satisfied.

She wants to be assured the reinstatement is permanent.

"The main issue is that Facebook appears to have no way of differentiating between spring break pictures and breast health content," she says. "I don't want to see pictures with sexual content on Facebook, and I'm glad they work hard to keep that content off their site. But, there is a clear difference between photos and information about breastfeeding and breast cancer awareness and girls gone crazy."

Breastfeeding Girls Gone Crazy? Gotta be a niche market for that.

"This isn't just about breastfeeding," she says. "A breast cancer awareness page is in just as much jeopardy if they say the wrong thing. I'm asking Facebook to set up some way for those of us who work for women's health issues and talk about breasts to apply for an exemption to this obscenity discrimination."

So far the page has been taken down, reinstated, taken down again and reinstated again. A page calling for putting it back was also blocked, Martin-Weber says.

We know who wins this one in the end, and it ain't Facebook.

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