Faces of Prostitution: Mugshots of the Women Busted in "Operation Red Light"

The Harris County Sheriff's Office led a multi-agency investigation into local prostitution, because apparently it was time to put an end to the World's Oldest Profession.

On the night of February 20, eight massage parlors were targeted, HCSO says, "as follow-up to the recently adopted Harris County Sexually Oriented Business Ordinances, and complaints by citizens of these businesses."

Sheriff's deputies arrested 16 people, and 48 fire-code violations were found.

"Our crime-fighting deputies will continue to bust SOBs for prostitution, illegal drugs, illegal gun possession, unlicensed serving of alcohol and other crimes, just like we have done before," Sheriff Adrian Garcia said. "But the county regulations will, among other things, allow us to work with the County Attorney's Office, the District Attorney's Office and the constables to prevent some of these unwanted businesses from opening in the first place."

So who got sent to jail as a result of "Operation Red Light"? These eight women were charged with violating the SOB ordinance, according to a release sent out by the HCSO (No, no men were included.):

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