Falcons-Texans, Preseason Week 2: Five Players to Watch

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Thursday was a "feel good" day out at the Methodist Training Center.

It was "Texans for DQ" Day (as officially proclaimed by Mayor Annise Parker), and in honor of Texans offensive lineman David Quessenberry, who is battling lymphoma back in his home state of California, everyone who is anyone was wearing the very cool "Texans For DQ" t-shirts, the brainchild of Texans center Chris Myers and the handiwork of Running Game Clothing.

Hell, even the Atlanta Falcons offensive linemen were wearing Falcon-colored versions of the t-shirts (thanks to some arrangements from former Texan, nor Falcon T.J. Yates)! It was pretty awesome and much appreciated by Quessenberry who tweeted the following:

Then, keeping the fire of charity burning brightly, people started doing the ALS ice bucket challenge....

....lots of people....

Pretty cool. Now hopefully people will feel just as good about the world after the game on Saturday. Here are five players to watch... 5. Ronnie Brown So earlier this week, Bill O'Brien cleaned out half the depth chart at running back. Literally. He was like Donald Trump on steroids. Dennis Johnson? You can't hold onto the ball and you almost got Tom Savage killed on Saturday. Dennis, YOU'RE FIRED....Andre Brown? You've been a major disappointment since we signed you, we are not just gonna hand you the number two RB slot. Andre? YOU'RE FIRED....Tim Cornett? Um....who are you? Eh, screw it....Tim, YOU'RE FIRED. So out with the old, in with...well, the older. Ronnie Brown is heading into his tenth season in the league, which in running back years is like his 40th season in the league. I'm anxious to see how he gets used and where he falls in the rotation. If he looks bad, I'm anxious to watch him get fired after the game.

4. J.J. Watt In the Arizona game, one bright spot was seeing J.J. Watt get a sack on the second play of the game. He played ten snaps in that game, so presumably the second preseason game will yield a bigger workload for number 99. In practice with the Falcons this week, Watt baptized rookie Jake Matthews in some drills. Here's hoping the education continues on Saturday night.

3. Chris Boswell/Randy Bullock Yeah, this is two guys, but after putting Boswell in this spot last week, and then enduring a shutout in which we saw Bullock kick off once, and Boswell actually punt, not kick, I don't care which kicker we see. I just want to see somebody have to make a pressure kick. (For sake of the integrity of the title of this piece, we will combine the two kickers into one person, a person who, until one of the kickers is cut, shall henceforth be known as Randopher Bullwell.

2. DeAndre Hopkins In practice Thursday, Hopkins wasn't quite "likes to fight guy," but he was "likes to scrap a little bit and poke people in the face mask guy," getting into scrapes with Atlanta corners Josh Wilson and Desmond Trufant. Hopefully, that carries over the the field on Saturday.

1. T.J. Yates Imagine if Ryan Fitzpatrick, Case Keenum, and Tom Savage collectively have the same type of game Saturday that they all had in Arizona. Now imagine if the castoff from the Texans' quarterback group this past spring, Yates, had a big game on Saturday. Armageddon! Texas style! While I'm hoping the Texans win, there's a part of me that is hoping for this Yates-ageddon scenario to play out. In the words of Triple H, "it's what's best for business."

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