Famous Triple Doubles (NBA and Otherwise)

Ah, the triple double. The semi-elusive NBA statistic whereby an NBA player gets double figures in a game in three performance categories (points, rebounds, assists are usually the big three, but steals and blocked shots are sometimes allowed in the mix, if the statistician is feeling saucy).

As elite clubs go, garnering a triple double isn't exactly like applying to Harvard, but it's not Yuma Community College either. It's probably the equivalent of applying to a decent state school as an out of state student. If you get one, you're doing something right.

(Now, averaging one for an entire season, like Oscar Robertson used to -- that's Ivy League material.)

Strangely enough, the Rockets had three players rock the triple double in the last month of the season alone -- Kyle Lowry, Chuck Hayes (amidst chants of "MVP! MVP! MVP!" -- gotta love the Chuck Wagon), and finally Goran Dragic garnering 11 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists in the final game of the season against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

It's amazing when you think about triple doubles, and how difficult they are to attain, that not only did the Rockets get three in a one-month period, but they got three from three different players, and NONE of those three players would be considered an All-Star caliber player (two not even close, Lowry still could get there if his career trajectory continues the same way this season went).

My colleague Lance Zierlein (always looking for value) took it a step further, and he said that this may be the most under-salaried trio to ever score a triple double from the same team. Hayes, Lowry, and Dragic combined make under $8 million (or not even half of what Carlos Lee makes -- sorry, I can't resist pot shots at El Cafatass).

My listeners, of course, took it in an unsavory direction (gotta love my listeners) and started listing triple doubles from other NBA players, sports figures, and pop culture icons. So today I'm going to let the 1560 Secret Society do the heavy lifting and essentially write this post for me:

@atxhobogrl -- 10 pizzas from Sbarro, 14 Pretzels & 22 Dip 'n Dots is the Carlos Lee Mall triple double

@brentshearer -- Never should have let Shane Battier go. He was always good for 20 min, 11 drawn charges, 15 wrinkles in his head.

@cmlmel -- Raheel Ramzanali 13 MMA tweets, 29 Kanye quotes and 13 pairs of skinny jeans - the Raheel triple double

(SP: Point of disclosure, Raheel is a fellow host at the station who is into MMA, Kanye West and a bunch of hipster shit.)

@diggertim -- Tiger Woods Triple Double- 12 Perkins Waitresses, 16 porn stars, 10 Nannys?

@CockShittington -- 14 inches long,10 inches in diameter, 98 overly brittle bones. Greg Oden's triple double.

(SP: I don't think "Cock Shittington" is that listener's real name.)

@brentshearer -- Sorel Rockefeller's triple double. $50 in tips, 13 slaps from Lebron's mom, 15 minutes of fame

(SP: Sorel Rockefeller is the valet whom Gloria James, LeBron's mom, beat the piss out of, making him the only Rockefeller who owns an hourly wage.)

@GrownAssMan1560 -- Richard Justice triple double: 11 Joe Gibbs stories, 13 Earl Weaver references and 17 verbal Valentines to Mack Brown

@atxhobogrl -- 76 swamp men references, 82 nods to Pawn Stars, 52 Spelling Bee mentions Sean Pendergast #TripleDouble

@cmlmel -- 10 trifecta tips, 13 quad-"yeahs", 123 "1-800-636-86 ... 86," the Jim Rome triple-double.

@jeff_ratfamily -- Jim Rome triple double: 10 fake callers, 20 references of 1.800.636.8686, 10 losing horses

@jeff_ratfamily -- Kevin Mitchell triple double: 10 cat heads, 12 lines of blow, 18 KO's

@notdantonholden -- Antonio Alfonseca triple double: 12 fingers, 12 toes, 99 grossed out strippers/prostitutes #NoTouchingAllowed

@CrapSandviche -- Gary Kubiak Triple Double: 99 Run plays, 10 Pass Plays, & 50 on me. #BackToYouSean

@epmckenna -- Brett Favre triple double: 23 interceptions, 12 dong shots, 10 retirements

....and scene.

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