Fan "Black Is the New Brown" UT Shirt Might Be Racist, Definitely Stupid

People do dumb things without thinking about them and sometimes while thinking about them. Let's just say people do stupid stuff way too often. The most recent example is that of an alleged UT fan who created a t-shirt for sale on Etsy (see above) with a picture of recently hired Coach Charlie Strong with the words "Black is the New Brown," alluding to the fact that Strong, who is black, is taking over for former coach Mack Brown.

Get it? Ha ha *cough* ha?

The original Etsy listing is long gone (surprise), but Gamedayr.com had the listing text:

After 16 years as head coach of the Longhorns, Mack Brown is stepping down to make way for Charlie Strong as the new head coach. Celebrate Charlie Strong's arrival in style.

It has been reported that Strong was concerned about working for Texas for this very reason. As per usual, Texas comes off looking like a bunch of backwards hicks. Way to go!

It could be argued that whoever decided to do this is an actual fan and supports the hiring of Strong. It could also be that some dumb redneck who has Confederate flags bumper stickers and truck nuts hanging from his bumper is also to blame. Either way, it was a pretty stupid move, exactly the kind of thing I imagine was dreamed up by some dude right after chugging a beer bong with his buddies.

It reminds me of when I was a freshman at UT Austin living in an apartment just off campus. Three partiers who lived in the complex came in after a night of drinking. The girl who lived above me came outside to tell them to keep it down or she was going to call the cops. They quieted down for about 30 seconds before one of them started yelling something unintelligible. His buddies told him to quiet down to which he loudly replied, "Oh, why don't you just grow a dick?"

College hijinks aside, whoever did this, if he didn't understand why people who find it appropriate, probably needs a lesson in tact, nevermind humor. Is it funny? No. Is it racist? Probably. Is it dumb? Unequivocally.

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