Fan Fighting League! Niner Fan on Niner Fan Bathroom Violence (w/ VIDEO)

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For decades, it's been largely agreed that the least safe place as a road team fan to go see a game is Oakland Coliseum. But is that actuality?

Yes, the sea of black and silver sets an intimidating backdrop, and the gaggle of societal misfits in their face paint and spiked shoulder pads is downright scary, and the Raider logo itself has ties to gangs going back to their days in Los Angeles. If this were a branding course, these things would all point to a brand built around violence and instilling fear.

But I can say, having been to both a Niners game and a Raiders game in the same evening last year, I was much more uneasy in Candlestick Park during daylight than I was Oakland at night.

The Niner crowd has a lot of bad dudes, as evidenced by their practically weekly appearances in my Fan Fighting League YouTube recaps. And honestly, you knew this one was just a matter of time....

Indeed, on Sunday, we finally got Niner Fan on Niner Fan violence, in a filthy, disgusting, urine soaked mens room, no less!

Here's the video, and let me say that if you have any sort of compassion toward strangers, you will truly be disgusted. Roll the footage....

(NOTE: Apologies in advance if the video that is supposed to be embedded below is taken down by the host site. This is my third attempt, at least, at finding it somewhere online where the host site hasn't removed it because of it's "shocking" and/or "graphic" nature. I feel like I'm running from the law every time I try to find a new copy of it online.)

And Zapruder time, let's get right to it....

0:01 -- Frank Gore jersey guy is lurking, staring, measuring his prey. I have no idea what the trigger mechanism was for this fight. (And as you'll see shortly, calling it a "fight" is a bit of a reach. This is a two-punch TKO by someone who was looking to two-punch-TKO another person.

0:02 -- One swing and we get a better look at the bathroom, which has more jerseys in it than the actual 49ers locker room. The object of Frank Gore jersey guy scorn is one of the 100 or so Colin Kaepernick jersey guys in this restroom. We see this on his second punch. But here comes the pain....

0:04 -- What looks like an awkward, glancing blow actually must've caught Faux Kaepernick right on his kill spot, like in the old boxing video game where each guy had a specific spot on his jaw where if he got hit, no matter how hard, down he goes. Exact same thing.

0:07 -- Wow -- wide angle we get to see that Kaepernick jersey guy is out cold, flat on his back. I don't know what to feel worse about, the fact that he might not be able to remember his name when he comes to or the fact that he is lying in footprints of urine from about 20,000 different men.

0:09 -- Oh, back to the stalls and Gore jersey guy's tag team partner, Aldon Smith jersey guy is recalibrating the scale for jersey wearer who acts most like the player on his jersey. Faux Aldon is dragging some other poor guy in a Navarro Bowman shirt (come on, fellas, lay off the guy...Bowman is hurt!!) out into the middle of the ring and he and Gore just start going to work.

0:20 -- At the beckoning of the crowd (which includes a disturbing number of jorts...actually, a disturbing number of jorts would be any positive integer), Gore and A. Smith back away and leave the restroom, but now the cameraman is giving us a better look at the unconscious Kaep....

0:27 -- Someone steps over him. Hey, the game's starting back up! Can't miss it!!

0:28 -- The only thing that saves me from deep depression watching this would be Faux Kaepernick sitting up like the Undertaker would have in like 1993, when he was feuding with Giant Gonzalez.

0:34 -- A "WOW" from the cameraman, who probably just filmed himself into a subpoena, at the very least. Hey, if this were the Seinfeld series finale, he'd have been arrested under the Good Samaritan laws!

Speaking of arrests, thankfully, somehow they were able to catch these two sociopaths. Amazing when you think about it. I mean, how do you describe them? "Hey, officer, two thuggish-looking guys in Gore and Smith jerseys just beat a guy up!" I mean, you just described like 15,000 guys in the building!

Anyway, ABC 7 in San Francisco has news on the apprehension of the two perpetrators:

Police say it took just minutes to find the two suspects.

"A stadium staff employee did point out to our folks at the scene," said Santa Clara police Lt. Kurt Clarke. "There was a fight in the restroom and our folks and our officers did respond to the restroom."

The two suspects are Dario David Rebollero and Amador Rebollero. Santa Clara police say the two are related and may in fact be brothers.

49ers fans we spoke with today say, despite the assault, they feel safe at Levi's stadium.

"I think there was an abundance of security every time you looked around," 49ers fan Robert Valdez said.

"I think a lot of it is alcohol that has to do with it, but yeah there were a lot of police officers and security all throughout the game," 49ers fan Keri Valdez said.

The two victims were taken to a hospital. One was treated and released, the other is in serious condition.

The 49ers released a statement Monday on the incident: "We would like to send our deepest concern and well wishes to the victims of yesterday's incident. We were appalled to see the video of the attack on the victims and salute the Santa Clara Police Department on their quick response that resulted in the apprehension of the two suspects. Maintaining the safety of all stadium guests is our highest priority and we are dedicated to providing a friendly and welcoming environment for all events held at Levi's Stadium."

The story contains mugshots of the two assailants, who, as the article mentions, may be brothers. (What, can't somebody look that up to confirm?) If you had "Facial Tattoo YES -2000" for at least one of the thugs, go ahead and cash your ticket.

Also, feel free, if you live in San Francisco and value your health and well-being, to watch the games at home. Trust me.

(H/T Deadspin)

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