Fantasy Crime League: Greg Reid Commits First NFL Crime Before Playing First NFL Game

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For about five weeks, the crime faucet in the NFL was practically dry, a slow drip at best. Then all of a sudden, about two weeks ago, Jim Irsay got popped for felony possession of pain killers.

And since then, to quote WWE Hall of Fame television announcer Jim Ross, BUSINESS HAS, BY GAWD, PICKED UP!

Chris Culliver returned to our lives (brass knuckles!), the Cincinnati Bengals got on the board (inevitable!), and now, Fantasy Crime League history.

Say hello to Greg Reid of the St. Louis Rams (for now), the first player in the history of the Fantasy Crime League to get on the crime scoreboard before he even participates in an offseason workout or practice in the league.

In case you didn't know Reid's story, at one time a burgeoning star with Florida State, he's pretty much made a cottage industry out of piling up minor crimes that don't really harm anybody nor anything but his own career potential.

Courtesy of Pro Football Talk:

According to ESPN.com, the Rams defensive back was arrested Saturday for violating probation. The specifics of the violation haven't been disclosed.

Reid had been placed on probation after a 2012 arrest for possession of marijuana and driving on a suspended license. He was apprehended while a passenger in a car that was pulled over because the driver wasn't wearing a seatbelt. Police identified an active warrant for Reid's arrest.

Reid's long trip to get to the NFL is one of great perseverance, a level of "want to" that belies marijuana usage and a "driving with a suspended license" level of apathy:

The Rams signed Reid after he participated in the March 18 Florida State Pro Day workout. Reid was undrafted in 2013 and out of football after tearing an ACL in March of last year, while preparing for the draft.

Reid currently is being held without bond. Once he gets out, he might have to crash Jadeveon Clowney's Pro Day to get another team to notice him, because my guess is the St. Louis Rams will probably say "screw this."

(Here is where I tell you to go ahead and leave your favorite memory of Greg Reid as a Ram in the comments section below.)

The 2014 FCL standings are updated....

2014 FANTASY CRIME LEAGUE STANDINGS 1 point .. misdemeanor 3 points .. felony 10 points .. murder

49ERS .. 7 * 3/28/14: 49ers CB Chris Culliver is charged with felony hit and run, misdemeanor reckless driving, and felony possession of brass knuckles.

COLTS .. 3 * 3/16/14: Colts owner Jim Irsay is arrested for DUI and possession of a controlled substance (felony)

RAVENS .. 3 * 2/14/14: Ravens RB Ray Rice is charged with third degree assault. * 2/21/14: Ravens WR Deonte Thompson is arrested for suspicion of possession of marijuana. * 3/9/14: Raves OL Jah Reid is arrested on two counts of battery.

FALCONS .. 1 * 2/18/14: Falcons WR Roddy White is arrested for failing to appear in court.

TITANS .. 1 * 3/20/14: Titans DE Adewale Ojomo is arrested for solicitation of prostitution.

BENGALS .. 1 * 3/31/14: Bengals FB Orson Charles is charged with wanton endangerment.

RAMS .. 1 * 3/29/14: Rams CB Greg Reid is arrested for violating probation.

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