Farts and Coke Bumps: Outlaw Dave Lawsuit Turns Even Uglier

Affidavits filed in Houston lawyer James Walker's breach of contract lawsuit against radio personality "Outlaw" Dave Andrews accuse Walker of openly abusing drugs and threatening a business partner.

Walker -- you may know him as "Walker: Texas Lawyer" -- sued Andrews and Duane Bradley after the co-owners of Outlaw Dave's Worldwide Headquarters allegedly squandered Walker's $360,000 loan for the business.

In an August 15 affidavit, Bradley accused Walker of coming to his home and said of Bradley's and Andrews's attorney, Scott McLemore, "The last time a lawyer made me this mad it was 1996 and he is still breathing through a straw out of his neck."

Among Walker's other alleged colorful comments were "I decided weeks ago that if I don't get what I want, then I will put the bar out of business....No one farts in that bar that I don't know about it."

In an affidavit sworn five days later, the improbably named Slade Ham -- apparently part of Andrews's show -- alleged that "Over the last year...Jim Walker's actions became quite questionable and disturbing, in that his use of painkillers increased dramatically. While Jim Walker had recreationally used painkillers the entire time I'd been around him, he'd never done so in as reckless and concerning a fashion. Walker referred to painkillers as 'vitamins,' offering them to others and me as another might offer Tic-Tacs."

In yet another affidavit, a fellow named Mike Mealy alleges that Walker offered him cocaine after a broadcast of Andrews's show in Galveston in 2011: "Attorney Jim Walker got into his vehicle and beckoned me inside the car, where he then produced a small bag of what he asserted to be cocaine, and offered me some. I then observed Attorney Jim Walker snorting the white powder from the end of a key into his nose, while sitting inside his vehicle."

Walker told Hair Balls that the affidavits were false and defamatory. Walker's original complaint accused Andrews of using drugs in the bar, but was vague on details -- something that is obviously not a problem among Andrews's camp.

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