A very poor getaway attempt
A very poor getaway attempt

Favian Ramirez, 20, Bayou Body Count No. 128

Ineptitude reigned in a fracas that resulted in the death of a 20-year-old man on the southeast side.

Favian Ramirez was shot at 1:30 Wednesday morning and died in the hospital; two men have been charged with murder.

Police say Ramirez had earlier argued with the men -- Raymond Preston Moreno, 18 and David Chavez, 22. The two left and then returned to the 11000 block of Sagevalley Drive and "shot in the direction of Mr. Ramirez's residence," police said.

If they were looking merely to scare or warn him, they failed -- he was hit.

Unfortunately for the pair, police were nearby.

"Patrol officers saw Moreno and Chavez fleeing the location in a vehicle and attempted to stop them," HPD says. "Moreno and Chavez fled and then crashed their vehicle into a pole. A police car was also struck by Moreno while attempting to flee."

Moreno was taken to a hospital and treated for injuries; Chavez was arrested on the scene.

Both are charged with murder in the 337th District Court.

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