Rudy can't fail

FBI Now Criticizing Bank Robbers For Rudeness

We've had the local FBI criticize bank robbers for a

lack of fashion sense

; they've ripped robbers for being somewhat

portly and sloppy

, but now they're really appalled.

Now the bank robbers are being rude.

"At approximately 10:15 a.m. [Wednesday], the man entered the Fiesta store and walked to the Chase bank located inside. Rudely, he cut in front of several customers to confront a teller," the agency reports in its latest release.

Robber, please. Decorum dictates that one wait for others to be served before requesting unmarked $20s and $100s.

The robbery occurred at a Fiesta on the northeast side of town. The robber made some moves that implied he had a weapon, the FBI says, but no weapon was seen. Perhaps the robber would have thought it rude to show.

The etiquette-challenged suspect is described as a "black male, early 40's, approximately 5'6" to 5'7" tall with a muscular build and a dark complexion.  He was clean shaven and wore a red and white striped polo shirt, jeans and a light blue North Carolina Tar Heels baseball cap."

So, criticizing dress style? Check. Physical fitness or lack of it? Check. Manners? Check.

We're not sure what's left to carp about. Penmanship on the demand note?

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