Feb 9 DVDs: Couples Retreat and That's How We Do It

The thinner, younger version of Vince Vaughn of a few years ago was more physically attractive, but the heftier, 40-year-old version we see in Couples Retreat is more attractive in other ways. He's smarter, for one. (Vaughn not only stars - with name-above-the-title credit - he also co-wrote the screenplay with friend and frequent co-star Jon Favreau and screenwriter Dana Fox.) He's more self-assured. (Even when he's being an ass onscreen, he seems to be more comfortable about it.) And he seems slightly more grown-up (hey, don't underestimate the attraction of maturity).

In Couples Retreat, Vaughn appears as Dave, a man who goes on vacation with his wife and three other couples. At least it's supposed to be a vacation. Once they get there, the couples - each of which has hit a few marital bumps in the road - find out that this is actually a retreat with mandatory couples counseling and they're forced into therapy. This particular brand of therapy involves feeding sharks and yoga with a touchy-feely Romeo.

Couples Retreat netted more than $167 million in worldwide box office sales since its release last October. Since Universal reported its production costs at around $60 million, that leaves a nice chunk of change in the profit margin. The $60 million price-tag is especially sweet when you consider this is an ensemble cast of ten (admittedly everyone doesn't have Vaughn's star power, but Jon Favreau, Kristin Davis, Jason Bateman, Kristen Bell, Faizon Love and the other actors aren't exactly nobodies, either).

Also out on DVD today is comedian Anjelah Johnson's That's How We Do It, which was filmed right here in Houston. Most famous for her characters Bon Qui Qui (a sassy ghetto-fabulous diva who doesn't take any lip off anyone) and Mi Ling a.k.a. Tammy (an Asian manicurist who slips in as many additional services as she can - for a small fee, of course), Johnson is perhaps best when discussing her life as a Latina with a decidedly un-Latina name (Little Payasa Johnson just didn't have the right chola ring to it) and a former NFL cheerleader (not being a white girl put her at a disadvantage when it came to dating players from the mostly black football team).

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.