Federal Judge Sam Kent Gets Less Than Three Years In Prison

You're a federal judge with a lifetime job, pretty much as untouchable as God. You decide to use your powerful position to procure cheap feels on secretaries working for you (and dreading it, no doubt).

Somehow, someone has the sack to come forward, and you plead guilty, with all the usual BS excuses you ignored when they were coming from some defendant appearing in your court.

What do you get? Thirty-three months in prison. (For obstructing justice by lying to investigators, not for the feeling-up.)

Not exactly harsh, since he could have gotten 20 years. Prosecutors recommended three. The federal judge appointed to hear the case, Roger Vinson of Florida, has bent over backwards throughout to cover Kent's lying ass, issuing gag orders and hampering any kind of publicity that might put Kent in a bad light.

Thirty-three months in a Club Fed...maybe it is the most that could be expected in the good-ol'-boy federal system.

Today's sentencing stories did provide a great quote from one of the victims. Cathy McBroom gave a statement that took offense at Kent's initial defense, which implied the two were having an affair.

"Being molested and groped by a drunken giant is not my idea of an affair," she said.

Kent had been a federal judge for 18 years, for much of them abusing lawyers and others in his court with impunity. His close friends are sad to see him go; everyone else, not so much.

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Richard Connelly
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