Feds Sue Houston Maker Of Egg Rolls For Health Violations

Chung's Egg Rolls of Houston says their egg rolls are of "gourmet quality," but now they're being sued by the federal government over claims of unsanitary conditions at their plant.

Chung's is one of the major makers of frozen egg rolls in the country, but the Food & Drug Administration is seeking an injunction in federal court to shut them down, citing a refusal to clean up violations.

The bluntly named Food Poisoning Blog says

According to a release from the FDA, Chung's has consistently ignored orders to clean its fishery - where it stores fish for shrimp egg rolls - at its Houston facility. FDA reports show this as a place contaminated with filth, conditions that are certain to lead to bacterial, or other contaminations.

In response, company president Charlie Kujawa has issued a prepared statement.

"We are disappointed and puzzled that our concerted and repeated attempts to work with the FDA to resolve disagreements stemming from a July 2009 inspection have ended in a lawsuit. We work hard every day to prepare a safe, top-quality product," he said

Chung's are available at almost every kind of Houston supermarket.

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